Buker Engineering, llc

A Structural Engineering Firm


Buker Engineering is a highly diversified structural engineering firm located in Seattle.  Our diverse work experience allows us to tackle many different types of projects with an open minded and creative attitude in order to ensure that you get the absolute best results possible.

We were founded in 2010 with the belief that structural engineering is about more than just crunching numbers to meet the requirements of the building code.  It is about contributing to the creative process of design in collaboration with our clients in order to create good buildings and structures.

Our goal from the start was to work on interesting projects with interesting people.

While there are many values that drive us forward in our work, the three that stand out are:

Collaboration – When architects, contractors, building owners and engineers work together in a spirit of collaboration amazing things happen. We love being a part of projects where the team is all working together toward a unified vision.

Value – Our job is to solve problems. We do it in a way that makes construction projects better. We constantly strive to do this in a way that adds value to the finished project rather than simply meet the projects minimum requirements.

Service – We all know what good service is when we find it. Give us a try and see if you don’t get the best service around.